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“As other reviewers have said Mistress Courtney is indeed stunningly beautiful.  There are many beautiful Mistresses out there however and the desire to serve Mistress Courtney runs far deeper than just being mesmerised by her looks.  At the risk of sounding a bit cliche’ Mistress Courtney truly seeks to make a genuine connection with her slaves and somehow seems able to intuitively understand what makes them tick.  It is this that makes the experience of serving her quite unique.In a session it is obvious that Mistress Courtney has a great sense of humour and this comes across in her playfulness; however whilst this is alluring a slave would be unwise to attempt to take advantage.  Mistress is formidable and capable of putting any slave in their place!

My one issue?  Mistress inspires me to the point where I want to deepen my submission every time I kneel before her and my only fear is whether I can continue to do so to her satisfaction.”   Slave AH


If you have fantasies of a dominant Mistress, as a newbie or an experienced player, you could do no better than to choose Mistress Courtney to be The One.  She is an all round beautiful person, the epitome of beauty and glamour, hair, make up, nails, attire, shoes/boots, personality, voice, everything you could wish for.  Ofcourse, also a strict Mistress and Goddess.  You will come to appreciate and enjoy the Mistress Courtney Experience, the exquisite pleasure and pain followed by the endorphins and adrenaline rush, thoroughly enjoyable.  My favourite fetishes are nipple torture, flogging, tease and denial, and foot/shoe/boot/ass worship, it is a joy to be able to express them.  No need to be nervous if you are a newbie, Mistress will break you in, just do it, you will never look back, make a booking and make some unforgettable memories. - slave P. S


“I turned up for my session and straight away was captured by this stunning Mistress, the outfit was stunning but the Mistress' eyes had me hypnotised!! Her pictures on her website do her no justice, she is so much more stunning - hard to believe, I know, but trust me, it is true.”

“Friendly from the first minute to the last. You took interest in my thoughts and ideas and were generous with Your time. I never felt unsafe and at no time did I regret having arranged to meet You. I feel fortunate to have met You.”

“In all honesty though I couldn't have asked for anyone better, I know when people ask for criticism they are looking for ways to improve but it was perfect.”

“For months Mistress had drawn me towards her. Too many sexy tweets, too many stunning images. I had never met Her but I felt like a fish on a line being reeled towards Her feet. Powerful. Eventually one day I could take no more. I called and was so lucky, a slot that very day would be mine. 

So nervous I arrive with a small gift. Mistress is even more beautiful in person. A genuine supermodel. Her soft, posh voice sends shivers down my spine. I need to be tied up, I am so excited!”


‘Since I plucked up the courage to make my first appointment last January, I have visited you several times and each session has been better than the last.  I can’t identify what I find so enjoyable, it is all of it;  The dungeon, the atmosphere, the session, being in your presence, your attire, the chemistry/interaction, your warm friendly personality, the cup of tea and chat afterwards, and the buzz/exhilaration.  The first time I visited you, I was like a kid in a sweet shop, taking in the sight of the dungeon, the like of which I had only seen in magazines and in videos on t’internet


I got the chance to meet you and to serve you. That really makes me forget the things I didn’t like. Thank you! You are a dominant angel .. but an angel that can be stern .. a wonderful mix. And I don’t have to mention how beautiful you are. You are a great mistress!


"I eventually plucked up the courage to arrange a session with Mistress Courtney. I arrived early and waited until my time to message to say i was here and wait further instructions. Upon answering the door and what can only be described as jaw dropping body and outfit she could tell i was nervous. We chatted for only a couple of minutes in the entrance room where i explained my previous experience (not alot!!) and she told me not to worry and relax as she put her hand down my trousers and gently squeezed my balls and said we will have fun today!! I followed her into the room where i was told to strip and be ready on my knees facing the floor for reentering.......after some introductions and warnings on what was expected i was then tied to the bondage chair where i had a ball parachute attached and Mistress sat on my knee staring seductively into my eyes whilst adding weights and swinging them, with a cute little smile when she could see me react. I was then subjected to electrics which made me sing and scream but she pushed my limits up to number 8 which she says was good for a beginner. The session delivered everything and more, much more. Mistress Courtney is soft, gentle, sexy, seductive but with all that she still doesn't hold back and you know who firmly is in control." - slave S.W


I am not really a foot fetishist .. but I liked licking the marshmallows from you sweaty toes. Humiliation pure.  Every time you touched me .. heavenly .. to lick your spit .. wow! - slave T


​​​​​​​After much deliberation I decided to book a session with Mistress Courtney. Mistress is the most beautiful lady I’ve ever met but behind that beauty is a dominant streak when she’s in session. Since my first session with Mistress Courtney I’ve had quite a few sessions with her and several double domme sessions with her . I look forward to every session with Mistress Courtney as they are mind blowing. I’ve also had the privilege of meeting Mistress Courtney out of session and here you get to see what a charming lady she is .

Your humble servant GS


I've visited Mistress Courtney 4 or 5 times, and I'd visit more often if time and money allowed. At first we experimented with a few different things, but she helped me find my love of corporal punishment - and has succeeded at pushing me further into subspace each time we meet. Mistress seems to know exactly when I can't take any more, and gives me just one or two more strikes to show me who is boss. The toys in her dungeon always intimidate me but each time she persuades me to try something different or something larger! I can't wait to be back in her tender care...​​​​​​​


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