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Booking a Session in person, outcalls, deposits and other information:

Some Details:


I have made filling in the consultation form easy, you have an idea of the information I am looking for. BUT! you are far more likely to be accepted for a session if you put some thought into the email. Keep your message to the point but add your personal touch to it.

If you are a newbie, think about what it is that excites you. List a couple of ideas and share with Me any experience you do or wish to have. 

One liners will be ignored - if you cannot be bothered to introduce yourself, I certainly will not bother to plan a session for you. So take the time to send a thoughtful request. 

We all have different approaches and I understand writing is not always someones strong point, but if I can see you have made an effort then this is what is important. 

Please note depending on how busy I am, I do aim to respond to your email within 48 hours. Sometimes this is not possible but rest assured, when I have the time, I will respond to you.


you may email Me at any time regarding sessions and booking. Head to My CONTACT page for the booking form. If you are lucky enough to have My number, you may call or text between the hours of 10am and 7pm, Monday to Saturday. My phone will be unavailable on a Sunday unless We have made a prior arrangement. 


My tribute is not negotiable. I do not swap My services for yours. 

The tribute will be presented in cash (minus the deposit which is taken via bank transfer, gift voucher or circle pay) in an envelope. You will present this upon your arrival. I accept Pounds, Euros and Dollars. 

If applying for My slave training programs, slave tasks or chastity packages, your tribute must be received before any play begins. 


A deposit is required, no exceptions. you may pay tribute via Amazon voucher, Circle Pay or bank transfer. you may also walk into HSBC  bank and pay directly. you can even pick up an Amazon voucher in a supermarket – there is no excuse for being unable to pay your deposit. Sessions will NOT be booked without a deposit. 


I only session from discrete locations which are conviniently located near public transport links. The precise address will be given to you once you have paid your deposit for the session.

Manchester Airport is approximately 25 minutes in a taxi from the Stockport Dungeon.

Liverpool Airport is approximately 50 minutes from My Welsh Dungeon

For those of you who drive, parking is available at the Stockport dungeon (Manchester), The Hoxton Dungeon (London) and My Welsh Dungeon. 

Please note My North Wales venue is not open to the public and is only available if I have discussed it with you. 

***Unfortunately none of the dungeons have wheelchair access.***


I only offer weekend sessions at the Stockport Dungeon (Manchester). Sunday is usually My day off but if you book in advance and are happy to pay the increased rate, I will make an allowance and open up the dungeon to explore your desires on the sacred day. 

An hour is the minimum requirement for booking a session on a Saturday. 

If you are someone I have previously sessioned with and we have discussed sessions at My Welsh Dungeon, then you will receive details regarding this via Our correspondance. 


I provide overnight and extended sessions at all locations. Depending on the type and length of the session, meals will be provided, usually in a dog bowl, unless you would like to go to a restaurant and then you will obviously cover this cost (including transportation to and back from the restaurant).

Extended caging, bondage and confinement sessions with limited interaction and supervisation are available - contact Me with your requirements and I will provide you with a modified final tribute for the length of session wanted. I have access to prison cells, cages, body bags, vac beds and other bondage equipment.


I will absolutely consider travelling to you if you cannot attend My dungeon. I am very picky when it comes to accepting outcalls, so ensure you have read through My information thoroughly and provide Me with the appropriate information to make My decision easy! 

Tribute for the session will be discussed upon accepting the outcall. you will also cover travel expenses and if necessary, accommodation for the evening. 

When requesting an outcall, ensure you provide the following information:



Session ideas / fetishes and limits

Length of session, date and time

An introduction to you - your experience, fantasies and health disclosure. 


I love to travel and relish the opportunity to explore new places. If you are considering asking Me to accompany you in another country, you must have done your research so you will know all about My travels over the years. Some of My favourite trips include travelling to the OWK, Avalon Studios, Malaga Resort and Gustoff Dungeon (to name a few!).

Travelling to meet you in another country is not something I accept lightly. your consultation form must be filled out appropriately then you will be asked to book a phone or Skype chat so We can discuss the trip, fetishes, details and generally have the opportunity to get to know each other. 

The submissive will cover all expenses, travel and tributes required. you will be expected to book My flights (business class) and accommodation (at least 4*), no I will not stay with you in your home and We will not share a hotel room. I expect to have My own space. An allowance must be provided for meals and shopping when suitable (for example if you have to go to work during the day). The tribute will reflect each day I am away from home .

Travel will be considered based upon the following 'traits' you are to display:

  • How well you have read through My information. Have you done your research? 
  • you MUST have a clear understanding of your fetishes and what it is you essentially 'want' 
  • Notice must be given - I cannot just jet away with a moments notice. 
  • Deposit must be sent in a timely fashion 
  • Travel (Round Trip) to be booked either Business or First Class where applicable 
  • your willingness to serve and provide Me with an unforgettable experience
  • your approach to Me. 


Life happens. I get it. Please bear in mind I spend time planning our session, getting together equipment and being creative in exploring the fetishes that get your juices flowing. 

Same day cancellation: The full tribute must be sent if you would like to book again

Within 24 hours: your deposit will be lost

48 hours + : We can reschedule for another time.

Please note: Deposits are not refundable. 

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